Sunday, December 30, 2007

What a week...

I had a few games this week, some big ones too which was nice to work.

Wednesday I had my first game in a few days at a girls varsity tournament. Worked with two D-1 officials, but the game was a blow out and nothing really came from this came expect I kept saying double dribble when I needed to say illegal dribble!!

Thursday I was back for the same tournament. Another crappy game, but was observed and found a few weak points I needed to work on. First is to not turn my back when administering free throws and to always just walk slightly backwards to keep everyone in view. The next point was to slow down my mechanics which I keep on working on. I also always say "my time" when we have a clock problem or injury. "Refs don't have timeouts" she said. Good point...

Friday was a long day that started with three 6th grade cash games, then a big school girls varsity, and that night was a big school boys varsity. All the games that day are kind of a blur, but was observed on the boys game that night and the observer put out a couple things for me. Work on my C in the boys game and don't get stuck behind players just because that is where one is "suppose" to be. Also I MUST count 10 seconds in the back court where here we don't do that for girls. Great varsity games and the TV station was at both of them and got to see myself on TV that night which is always fun :)

Saturday I had two boys varsity games. The first was a tournament 3rd-4th place game which was fun, but worked with a one guy who was all about letting them play and not calling anything... AHHHH had the get in get out mentality a bit for that one...

That night I had big game with a team from across the state. This team brings their fans with them and boy are they loud! We had some VERY big boys and had a quite a few charge calls and some VERY COOL dunks. Overall it was a fun game and boy I have not run that much since I ran cross country in high school haha. We were observed on this game and what it came down to was working on my double whistle communication and picking up the ball as C from the trail. I was doing it to early leaving a match-up at times he said. Good point in my mind.

I have a small school boys varsity Wed and then 3 varsity Friday and 2 varsity and a JV Saturday. So time to rest up before next weekend. Two more weeks till I head back to DC.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Update from Thursday and Friday

Thursday I had a double header of boys and girls varsity. The girls came first and it was a close game the entire night. The skill level was not great to say the least, but I was happy with the overall call selection. Worked with two partners I enjoyed for both games, but one was a bit out of it for the first one. The girls game really was hard to focus on late in the game, but we kept up and didn't really have any problems. Just need to really keep my focus the entire game!!

As for the boys, the skill level was very high for the home team and the visitors just got pushed around by the score. Lost by 30 or so points, but still after a few years of boys ball I still am amazed at the skill level around here! We did a great job in this game and can only remember one tough call. A shot went up and I was trail and called goal tending. The ball was falling short and would have missed rim I bet, but I had the angel where I thought the ball was above the rim and coming down when it was blocked in the air.... Partners had a different view, but I think it was a good call.

Friday was a busy day. The school where I was at was having a basketball mania day. They had 12 games that day between their JR high and HS school teams. I had three 3 JR girls game during the day, then observed the JV game, then had my girls varsity. Packed house with a good band made it a great night. Played a tough team, but the home crowd really gave the boost and they won by decent amount. Fun game to work, but got physical. We stepped it up, but need to pick up the signal of it getting rough earlier!

Off for a few days, but Wed I have a girls varsity with two out of state teams and working with two TOP level partners, D-1 guy and gal.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

A great night :)

Well I had two games again yesterday, boys JV and a big school girls varsity. The boys game went just fine and nothing really happen that was to memorable. Worked with a guy I like who is also a bit of a work horse.

Then came the varsity game. It was at a school I like working at because as one of my partners said, "you could really land a plane in here." It was that big. I was working with two guys whom I like and who have a decent amount of experience, but not to much as to be cocky. Two decent teams played and the score varied by about 10 the entire game. The coach of the home team is also a lead organizer for huge tournaments around here during the summer and one of them is assigned through the D-1 assignor's camp out here. I didn't hear a peep from either coach the entire night which was REALLY nice after the last two games.

Got observed again tonight which is to be expected with such a short season for me. The observer gave us a decent observation and said we looked good out there. He wanted us to work on the rubber band a bit and working to be more smooth on the rotations. Now my partner and I thought we did really good on this, but the other comment the observer gave me is to not over officiate. I have never really heard that before, but always open to your comments on what that means. When I asked him he told me maybe there was a couple fouls I could have passed on. Fair enough I thought.

Things I need to work on are still SLOWing down and being more aware of the fouls I have called.

Did good were communication and general call selection.

TONIGHT double header big school boys and girls varsity games. Hoping for two good games and I have a good feeling another observation tonight ;)

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

You won't belive this....

First game I had today was a boys freshman. Game went fine, but for some reason the winning coach just wanted to chirp throughout the game. I warned him finally and it slowed for a bit, but just didn't want to run him out after what happen last night. Worked with a guy I like a lot and we did good keeping the game in check. Now the boys varsity that night was well...

The big school boys varsity game tonight was going well until... that's right, another ejection.

In the first quarter, my partner warned the head coach of team B to stay in his coaching box. Then in the third quarter, the coach comes out of his box and onto the court to yell at my partner. My partner then gives the coach a well deserved technical foul. I get in between them and instruct the coach he now has the seatbelt rule and everything was fine at that point.

Then near the end of the game, I am the center official with my back towards the team b bench when the buzzer sounds. As the buzzer sounds the team b head coach grabs my right shoulder, shoves me and says, "Your the worst fuc*ing official I have seen!" At this point I gave him his second technical foul. Now as according to rule 2.2.4 and case book situation A 2.2.4 we shot two free throws and the coach was officially ejected from the game.

Now as we were in the hallway outside the court going back the coach made comments that were negative towards us and then with his dressing room being close to ours, he used EXTREME vulgar words towards us as we sat in our dressing room.

What a night huh? The game was going fine and team A had a nice lead of 20-30 points throughout the game. This coach of Team B though, man what a nut case. I can't believe he would shove me and do that. Got evaluated tonight too and it was ok. Still need to slow down a bit.

Need to work on, slowing down, telling a story. My reporting area he said was all over the place. And for some reason I sound my whistle on an and one. I need to really stop that!

Good was getting in between my partner and the coach during the first timeout and general game management.

Tomorrow got a boys soph game and a girls big school girls varsity. Lets pray for a day of no problems... :)

Monday, December 17, 2007

What a night.... 2nd ejection ever

Boy what a night. I had the big school girls varsity game and boy was it intense. It was one of those, inner city girls (Team A) vs all suburb girls game (Team B). They play so different that when they clash it can be VERY ugly. The game down to just 6 points, but what happen in the game was crazy.

First off, we had a paid evaluator there today which puts a little more pressure on the game, but on top of that, this evaluator has some serious connections to the college ball here. I went out and did the game and as best I could. I was working with two very different guys, both good officials though. The game started with the foul count being 0-6 where the black team was committing some very hard fouls. The fouls caught up and stayed even throughout the game, but the game just got worse. It was very dirty in the post and at the top of the key and the foul count showed, but it didn't help. We were on top of this game from the start and just kept calling fouls.

Now to the third quarter where halfway through it I had a flagrant foul. B 33 fouled A 12 on a rebound foul and I came out strong with the foul. A second later A12 comes from behind and with two hands pushes B33 to the ground and bang, I have my second ever ejection. This is where things went down hill.

I thought I knew my ejection procedure very well, but it proved that the intensity in the game made me forget a lot. I came up clear with the ejection and we got A 12 out of there. I went and reported the first foul and then the ejection. Went to A's coach and told him what happen and that A12 was now ejected and he said OK. Came to my partner, told him B will shoot two and then B will have the ball. Well that is when both coaches came out with confusion. A's coach tried keeping 12 in the game during the free throws so I had to tell him again that she needed to sit on the bench for the rest of the game. Then A's coach wanted 4 free throws for some reason (thought it was a double T on A...) Then one of my partners didn't know we had two fouls even. Here is what the evaluator said and I agree with him. In these rough situations it is best to first talk with the closest partner and then go from there. In this situation might have been best to send both teams to their bench so we could talk it through and then bring both coaches together to explain what had happen and what we are going to do. Boy DO I NEED TO SLOWWWWW DOWN!

The game got closer with A only losing by a few points. Overall it was just a tough game to work, but I learned a lot from it. Tue brings a boys freshman and big school boys varsity.


Good job on court presence and general mechanics.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

The first Games are DONE! (12/15/07)

Yesterday I had two varsity games, one boys one girls. It was my first round of games since coming back from DC. Felt a bit weird to get on the court again, but boy was I happy to run again and to add another bonus.... I had two very good crews.

My first game was early afternoon small school girls varsity game. Thought it might be an ok game as both teams were 0-4. The game started out pretty close with low scores and pretty low level play. I can only imagine what the JV game was like.... I was working with a couple of my favorite officials from our local group. We had a good time trying to keep everyone focused as the game became a blowout in the third. Being my first game back it took sometime getting use to where I was suppose to be and reporting the foul correctly. Being that I did a couple college camps over the summer and worked a couple college scrimmages in DC, my high school mechanics just are not quite where they need to be for tomorrow (where I bet I will be evaluated). The only things I really remember about this game is one time as trail I was watching the dribbler begin to drive to the basket when she pulled a small button hook and got nailed with the body in the C's area. We had a double whistle on it which looking back was a good call. I just need to really get my darn mechanics down!!

A few hours after that game I went to another boys varsity. This was one of the top level small/medium school basketball programs in the state. They were playing a team from across the state who traveled a few hours to get here. I got there in the first quarter of the JV game to evaluate (have to evaluate 60% of the JV games before the varsity) and found two interesting guys working... One was a guy who works everyday all the time and is not completely "there" and the other is an over zealous official who is ranked higher then me on the girls side but still a JV official on the boys side. They did an good job as there JV game wen into DOUBLE OT. They will get dinged though on their score because overtime was set for 5 minutes....

Our pre-game was short, but I explained everything I knew about this cross state team and then the R talked for a bit. We walked onto the court with the band playing nice and loud. Warm-ups were boring as usual until I saw the center on my side go up for what should have been a lay up only to have a slight dunk. See I saw him go above the rim and his hand did make some contact with the rim, but not a lot and their was no grasp. i knew this was a dunk in book terms, so I went to the R and explained to him what I had and he suggested that we just warn the kid since there was no flashy show of grasp. I said OK and did that and in the end, I think it was the right thing to do. The game started with an interesting tip off, I was U-1 and the ball went to the baseline my side with both teams after it so I worked it as if A got the ball and was going to shoot on this side, but then B got it and as we cam back the other way I found myself having to get to the C spot as the U-2 went to lead. Talked about it at halftime and found some mild confusion on who had ball control, but it worked out ok.

Now boy did I have to step it up. The fast pace of a boys varsity took by surprise as it always does and my first sweat of the season broke out. The game stayed close for a bit, but the local team so took a nice lead going into halftime. I sure do hate when a team is up by so much and keep the darn press on and foul... I mean take the press off and play real defense. What I need to work on from this game is slowing my ass down, coming to my reporting spot and STOPPING and then reporting with HS mechanics. I felt I handled myself well and my call selection was decent. The game went fine until late in the third when Team A had a fast break and B being down by a bit was trailing him and gave him a little push in the back on his layup and A went down. He made the basket and I came up with intentional foul. Of course I go and report the wrong number, but it turned out OK and everyone was fine with the call. The game ended just fine and after that, I rewarded myself with a nice meal.

Monday: BIG school girls varsity

Liked what I did Saturday overall, kept things in control and my court presence was there.

Need to slow my ass down and stop and report. Get back into feeling more comfortable on the court and my hustle needs to be picked up in the boys game.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The games are coming... :)

I woke up this morning in DC, but was wishing I was back home... As much as I love DC, the people, and just college in general, boy I can't wait to go home for break. See some friends and family, but also be able to get out on the court and WORK! I come back Frdiay late, so won't work then, but right back to the court Saturday.

As I pulled up my email I found assignments for both the boys and girls high school groups. Well my games so far are:
Saturday: Small school girls varsity in the afternoon then small school boys varsity that night.
Sunday: Family and friend time
Monday: Big school varsity girls game
Tuesday: Big school Boys Game
Wed: Big School girls varsity
Thursday: Double header boys/girls varsity Big School :)
Friday: Small school girls varsity
Saturday: Double header boys JV Big School

That is right... 10 games in 7 days. Young guy like me I should be OK, but the money is great though. Boy I can't wait to head back and see everyone from family and friends to other officials. Hope everyone's season is going well!