Tuesday, December 18, 2007

You won't belive this....

First game I had today was a boys freshman. Game went fine, but for some reason the winning coach just wanted to chirp throughout the game. I warned him finally and it slowed for a bit, but just didn't want to run him out after what happen last night. Worked with a guy I like a lot and we did good keeping the game in check. Now the boys varsity that night was well...

The big school boys varsity game tonight was going well until... that's right, another ejection.

In the first quarter, my partner warned the head coach of team B to stay in his coaching box. Then in the third quarter, the coach comes out of his box and onto the court to yell at my partner. My partner then gives the coach a well deserved technical foul. I get in between them and instruct the coach he now has the seatbelt rule and everything was fine at that point.

Then near the end of the game, I am the center official with my back towards the team b bench when the buzzer sounds. As the buzzer sounds the team b head coach grabs my right shoulder, shoves me and says, "Your the worst fuc*ing official I have seen!" At this point I gave him his second technical foul. Now as according to rule 2.2.4 and case book situation A 2.2.4 we shot two free throws and the coach was officially ejected from the game.

Now as we were in the hallway outside the court going back the coach made comments that were negative towards us and then with his dressing room being close to ours, he used EXTREME vulgar words towards us as we sat in our dressing room.

What a night huh? The game was going fine and team A had a nice lead of 20-30 points throughout the game. This coach of Team B though, man what a nut case. I can't believe he would shove me and do that. Got evaluated tonight too and it was ok. Still need to slow down a bit.

Need to work on, slowing down, telling a story. My reporting area he said was all over the place. And for some reason I sound my whistle on an and one. I need to really stop that!

Good was getting in between my partner and the coach during the first timeout and general game management.

Tomorrow got a boys soph game and a girls big school girls varsity. Lets pray for a day of no problems... :)

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bloggingref said...

Holy crap. I hope you've reported this as thoroughly in your report as you did here. Shoving an official means this guy, simply put, should not be around kids...and the fact that he didn't calm down is even scarier.